History of Warrawong

This is the closest you’ll get to rustic country so near to Melbourne. Built by a notable squatter, it sits on property with panoramic views of Werribee River, Exford Reservoir, and the Toolern Creek valley. In the early 20th Century, its owners included a well-known female racing motorist and the first Australian to compete in Monte Carlo – a world-ranking polo player, and the managing director of the Swallow and Ariel Biscuit Company. The Warrawong Shearing Shed at 1200 Exford Road, Eynesbury is significant as a rare and unusual surviving Victorian styled bluestone shearing shed that once formed part of the major nineteenth century pastoral property of Exford.

The woolshed dates to the late 1850s. Adjacent to the shearing shed sit three large concrete silos. A legacy of the changing farming practices in the twentieth century. They are significant as the most striking evidence of the historic change of use of the property from a major sheep-run, to small farming and for their relatively early date (pre-1935)